After an excellent start to the blog, we have another game of interest tonight.

Blackpool are at home to high flying West Brom in the Monday Night Live game on Sky Sports 1. It's always good to trade a game whilst you're watching it, and with nothing else of interest tonight, this is the game for me.

Looking at the statistics available, Blackpool are struggling at the moment in the Premier League. They haven't won at home yet this season and aren't scoring as many goals as they'd like. Their only Premier League win in their last five games was at a shock 2-1 defeat of Liverpool at Anfield. They've lost the other four.

West Brom meanwhile find themselves at the right end of the table and have won their last four league games against Blackpool, including both home and away last season. West Brom are unbeaten in their last six Premier League matches and would be disappointed not to come away without at least a point tonight.

With the odds available, I have to take Blackpool on at odds of 3, so will be Laying Blackpool for £20.

Lay Blackpool @ 3 for £20 - Risk = £40.

Another market of interest is the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market. The odds look good, Over 2.5 Goals is clearly favourite at 1.8. I fancy that we could lay this for £10 and look to trade out  before half time. 10 of West Brom's 13 league goals have come in the second half and Blackpool are struggling to score at the moment.

Lay Over 2.5 Goals @ 1.8 for £10 - Risk = £8

So there we have it. Lets see how we go tonight - fingers crossed!!

Update - Rather annoyingly Blackpool won a penalty 9 minutes into the game. It was a definite penalty and sometimes these things happen. The red card really stuck us though as that made the Blackpool odds plummet after the goal was scored.

Having layed Blackpool at 3 for £20, I backed them at 1.3 for £46.92, trading out for a loss of £26.92 on all results. I have left the 2.5 goals lay in.

There are ways of clawing back some money in games like these but you MUST NOT chase your losses. Accept that you do lose at times, unfortunate as it may be, and just accept it and move on.

However, should another genuine trading opportunity become available, there's nothing wrong with taking that on as well. You may lose that trade too and just increase your red, but as I mentioned you need to make sure it's a definite clear trading opportunity.

For example, if West Brom were to equalise, I'd use the Lay The Draw method and hope for a winner. If it stays 1-0 until half time, I may be able to take a small green on my 2.5 Lay, and do a further trade on Laying Under 1.5 Goals for a nice profit if and when the second goal goes in.

These are all opportunities you must bear in mind when trading a game in play. You're never limited to one particular market. Just ensure you're thinking clearly and plan for your stop loss as you would usually do.

We're 24 minutes in now and it's still 1-0, so lets see how the Under 2.5 Lay goes.

Another update, WBA have just had another player sent off after 30 minutes, and to be honest a real shocking challenge. I've traded out of the 2.5 Goals Lay now for a red of £2.82 - I'd be amazed if West Brom held on to the 1-0 with just nine men for an hour!

Instead, talking of opportunities, I've layed Under 2.5 instead at odds of 3 for £20. That's a risk of £40. Because of my previous loss on this market, it means my screen shows £17.18 on Over 2.5 goals and £42.82 on Under 2.5 goals.

Update 2 - Rather annoyingly, an hour into the match, it's still Blackpool 1-0 up and the Under 2.5 lay is starting to look a little bit red. I've traded out of the lay therefore for another red. Taking into account the £2.82 we had in the first place, it's a total loss on this market of £15.78.

No sooner did I trade out than, even more annoyingly, Blackpool bagged another! 2-0 up with 25 minutes to go, and I'm going to go back in again. As another trade in its own right, WBA should tire now, gaps will begin to appear, and Blackpool can capitalise.

We're now looking at £66.78 on Under 2.5 Goals and £4.21 on Over 2.5 Goals. So bring on another goal and lets wipe some red off tonight!

Final Update - I cant risk anymore on this game with 15 minutes to go. It's just been one of those impossible nights which you get every now and then. Blackpool will probably go on and score a third but these things happen and we just have to accept the red and get on with it. We have Champions League and Europa league to go this week so I'm still confident the bank will be up by Saturday!

So we're out for £32.26 on the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market and £26.92 on the match odds. All in all a poor night, but these things happen and its time to move on.

Day 2 Profit/Loss: £59.18
Closing Bank: £71.06
3/25/2017 01:16:01 am

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