Hi guys,

We had an excellent day on day 5 with two out of two. The two trades we did were as follows:

Lech Poznan v Man City - Lay Under 1.5 Goals - there were definitely goals in this one and so it proved. It took a while for the first one to go in, but was pretty much plain sailing after that and based on our £20 Lay, we managed to stay in for the full amount when the second goal went in. It was a great start to the night. £20 up.

The second game I traded was Liverpool v Napoli - Lay Over 2.5 Goals. Based on Liverpool's previous games in this competition, home and away, I didn't think we'd see many goals in this one. It turned out I was wrong, but the trade still won. Napoli scored the opener in the first half and things weren't looking good for a while, but it took until the 75th minute for the second goal to go in and by that time, we were out for £10.

For the purposes of this blog and the amount of profit and loss, and bank, I won't be doing spur of the moment trades here. However, with my own bank I also layed Napoli as soon as they scored. Liverpool were playing alright, particularly at the start of the second half, and if another goal was going to come, it was only going to be scored by the home side.

Also, as soon as I got out of my 2.5 Lay, I Layed Under 1.5 Goals. There were around 20 minutes to go so the odds were evens, a bargain seeing as Liverpool were pressing hard and you could see Napoli starting to struggle.

As soon as Gerrard equalised, I got the full amount back from that one too so all in all a great night personally.

As I said, for the purposes of this blog I'll only be recording the official trades. However, I hope to be able to give you an insight into what sort of opportunities you should be looking for all the time with trading. Don't just rest on your laurels waiting for your trade to come in, be active and look for other opportunities in-play.

I had every confidence of getting the bank back up after our horrific Monday night, and so it has proved. You mustn't panic when faced with a big loss. Losing days happen. Stick to your methods and keep plugging away and you'll turn it around.

We've made 20% of our bank this week in profit, even with a poor Monday, and that's an interest rate you wont ever find in a savings account!

There is nothing on tonight, so time for a well earned rest before a busy weekend!

Day 5 Profit/Loss:
Closing Bank: £122.96
7/5/2012 04:08:14 pm

Really i inspired so much from your words and i have not words for say thank to you. i enjoyed these all lines and got a knowledge in hug amount. please you will keep writing such as articles


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