Right, here's to a new day and some fresh trades to try and get the ball rolling again!

I'm looking at three trades tonight.

Firstly, Valencia v Rangers. Rangers did well to hold Man United to a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford a few weeks ago, and having already also held Valencia to a 1-1 draw at Ibrox, they'll be confident going into this one. Having said that, I don't see them causing Valencia too many problems going forward and will set up to defend stoutly as they did at United.

I'm looking at the Over 3.5 Goals market - will Valencia score four? I don't think they will. For that reason, I'm Laying Over 3.5 Goals for £10 at 3.45.

Valencia v Rangers. Lay Over 3.5 Goals for £7.50 @ 3.45. Risk = £18.38.

The second match is Copenhagen v Barcelona. This match finished 2-0 to Barce at the Nou Camp a couple of weeks ago, but it was a very open game and Copenhagen could have nicked it. This will be a tricky tie for Barce and I don't see it being as open as last time. Barce won't come out as much away from home, and whilst they could nick it by a goal, again I don't see there being four in this one.

Copenhagen v Barcelona. Lay Over 3.5 Goals for £10 @ 3.15. Risk = £21.50.

The final game I'm looking at is Tottenham v Inter. The game finished 4-3 in the San Siro, despite the fact Spurs had 10 men, the game was open and attacking from the off. With Spurs at home and in desperate need of a win, they simply have to go for it tonight and I fancy them to score a couple, plus Inter will be very dangerous on the break with Eto'o upfront.

Tottenham v Inter. Lay Under 1.5 Goals for £10 @ 4. Risk = £30.

Fingers crossed for a better night than yesterday!

Update 1 - Beautiful goal from Spurs through Rafael Van Der Vaart who continues his hot scoring form at home. We're only 18 minutes into the game and the U1.5 Lay is looking good, so instead of trading out now for the £5, I'll look to stay in here for the whole £10. I'd never advocate turning your trade into a bet except on the 1.5 goals market as mentioned in my football pages of this website, so lets hope the next goal comes quickly!

Elsewhere, the games are all 0-0 so we're looking good on the Over 3.5 lays at the moment. However, things can change quickly in football so we won't be counting any chickens yet!!

Update 2 - Still waiting for that decisive goal in the Spurs game after 30 minutes and rather annoyingly just when our exit odds were coming up for the Copenhagen v Barcelona Under 3.5 Goals Lay, Barce took the lead through Lionel Messi. Two minutes later Copenhagen have equalised so that one's looking decidedly edgy now and we'll have to keep a close eye on that and if there's another goal before half time we'll be taking the loss.

Exactly the same, Valencia v Rangers, the odds were one tick away from our exit and Valencia took the lead. I suspect this may be a little less worrying than the Barce game for the time being but again, these are two matches we'll have to be careful on.

Update 3 - Quick update at half time. I've re-evaluated the Barce game and it's looking very precarious. According to the half time report on Sky Sports News, Barce look very dangerous and bearing in mind how open the game was at the Nou Camp, I think we're risking it a bit here. One early goal in the second half and we've had it. I've backed Over 3.5 Goals at 2.08 for a red of £5.15.

We're going well on the Spurs and Valencia trades so taking the red in the Barce game is a small price to pay bearing in mind the risk of £21.50 which we'll be well open to if an early goal goes in.

These are the kinds of decisions you have to make when you're trading, without regrets or hesitations. Make your decision and stick with it. It could go on to finish 1-1. These things do happen. However, you've got to make a decision on a case by case basis and accept it whatever the final score may be.

Update 4 - Still waiting for that deciding goal in the Spurs game and that's always the risk you take when leaving a trade in on a game instead of taking the green when its available.

Elsewhere, the Valencia game is still 1-0 and our exit point has been hit, so we've made back the loss on the Barce game by trading out for £5.07.

Lets hope Spurs or Inter can help us out in the last 35 minutes of this game to ensure we end the night on a high!

Update 5 - There's the goal we were looking for, right on the hour mark. A super run by Bale down the left and an undefendable ball in and Crouch just had to make contact to get the ball in. 2-0 Spurs, game over, bet won. £10 green.

That's a total tonight of £9.92 and nice to be back to winning ways!

Day 3 Profit/Loss: £9.92
Closing Bank: £80.96

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