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I'll be using relatively low stakes to start with as we build up, and my starting bank will be £100. Lets see how we go!

Todays trades are as follows:

Aston Villa v Birmingham - Lay Aston Villa for £10 @ 2.12. Risk = £11.20.

Lay Under 2.5 Goals for £10 @ 2.24. Risk = £12.40.

Newcastle v Sunderland - Lay The Draw for £20 @ 3.4. Risk = £48.

Bolton v Liverpool - Lay Liverpool for £10 @ 2.3. Risk = £13.

Remember, with all the above trades, I don't care who wins or loses as long as I can "green up".

So using the idea that I want to double the odds and halve the stake when I back, I'll be looking to Back Aston Villa for £5 at 4.3. This will lock in around £5 on all outcomes!

In the under 2.5 goals market I'll be looking to back at 4.5 for £4.98 to lock in £5 on all outcomes.

Once that's done, I'll be out for a profit and the game can do whatever it likes!

Lets see how we go and I'll post a results update later on today.

Quick update on the Villa game - still 0-0 after 32 minutes and the Under 2.5 Goals odds moved up to 4.5. I placed a back at 4.5 for £4.98 and this locked in a nice profit of £5.02 if there are less than 2.5 goals in the game, and £5.03 if there are more than 2.5 goals.

Obviously I still have interest in the Match Odds market as I have layed Villa, but if Birmingham went on to win 4-0 I'd be happy!

So we're +£5.03 so far today.

Another result is in on the Villa game - 30 minutes into the second half and still 0-0, Villa's price hit my exit point of 4.3. I placed a back bet of £4.93, which locked in a profit of £5.07 on Villa, £5.07 on Birmingham, and £5.07 on the draw.

Having already made £5.03 on the goals market, I don't care what happens on this game now as no matter what, I've made £10.10 green which will be credited to my account at full time.

+£10.10 today so far, with the Newcastle v Sunderland game and Bolton v Liverpool game to come.

Update on the Newcastle game, the match went 1-0 through a Nolan overhead kick after 26 minutes, but the draw odds didn't go out far enough for me to exit.

You have to make a decision here, whether to take the green available (which based on my £20 lay was around £8) or to stay in until either the match continues long enough at 1-0 for you to get out for your £10, or Newcaslte get another!

I always try to stay in for the full amount, and sure enough after 34 minutes that man Nolan popped up again to put Newcastle 2-0 up.

Obviously the second goal shot the odds way past my £10 exit point, so I backed the draw for £4.86 at odds of 14. This locked in a £15.14 green if Newcastle win, £15.14 if Sunderland win, and £15.18 if it's a draw.

Assuming the lower amount, we'll say that we're +£25.24 today so far with just the Bolton v Liverpool game to come.

Final update - We're 77 minutes into the Bolton game and it's still 0-0. We layed Liverpool at odds of 2.3, and the odds to back Liverpool have just hit 4.6. That's the double up I was looking for, so I've backed Liverpool now for £5 (halved the lay stake), to lock in the profit.

The screen now shows £5 profit on all outcomes, so I can sit back and watch the last 13 minutes without worrying about a late goal ruining my day!

It's been a great start, with four winning trades out of four.

Day 1 Profit/Loss: +30.24
Closing Bank: £130.24

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