Welcome to the Betfair Trading School. I've been trading on Betfair for a number of years and have created this site as a tool for people who want to filter through the usual rubbish and the get rich quick schemes plastered all over the internet and focus on some proven techniques which will transform you from a punter to a serious trader.

Use the links to navigate through the site, check out my blog in which you'll see the trades which I have done, and a running profit/loss.

The individual sports pages will show you some techniques to get you started trading on Betfair. Don't worry if you're completely new to trading, these techniques will have you pulling in your first green in no time!

Trading is not for everyone. The stress and pressure can be too much for some. But if you enjoy it and want to take your trading further, check out the products section where we have loads of materials available to take your trading to the next level. All the products are tried and tested for their quality, and win through time and time again.

Remember, nothing on this site promises to make you rich quick, if you're looking for that, keep looking and wasting your money. Everything on this site is a proven technique, tried and tested by myself and hundreds of other Betfair traders and is proven to make you green!

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